Our company and commitment

Rest assured when working with Radar Strategy Group that you are working with a real, trusted and legitimate company.

Radar Strategy Group is an active member of the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce, the premier business advocate and business membership organization in the South Bay / Los Angeles area.

We are also registered as a limited liability company (LLC) with the Secretary of State in the State of California officially as of July 2018. We have past consulting experience as a sole propriator doing business as (DBA) Open Opportune since 2008. We have an Employer Identification number with the Department of The Treasury’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS). We can provide a W-9 at your request. Our consultants are US citizens.

For Company to Company (C2C) contracts, we can be insured for $1 million dollars in Workers Compensation and General Liability Insurance if needed, meeting the requirements for California. We know that by carrying these insurances means that we can work on-site for clients and provide the assurance that any risks and damages that could potential occur at the workplace is minimized or avoided altogether.

We are recognized by Yelp as a “Yelp Ad Certified Partner,” meaning we have been trained in effective Yelp advertising strategies, have access to reporting dashboards only available to agencies and can extend exclusive discounts to our clients (DEEP savings that are not available to the public)!

Simply said, we have made working with us absolutely stress-free for you. So let’s get started!


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We stand behind our name and our values

If you like that we are all about helping small business succeed, you might enjoy learning about our company name and how it reflects our expertise and services. Here are three reasons why we named our company "Radar".  

  • INTUITIVE PERCEPTION: The first reason is based on the common notion of someone having great radar, a meaning that reflects the person's capacity for intuitive perception; a special sensitivity for factors and trends. It exactly describes the kind of expertise that we provide:

    • Our capacity to assess your business situation and analyze its competition to develop a thoughtful digital marketing strategies that meets your needs and budget.

    • Our ability to understand and anticipate industry trends to provide you with strategic recommendations that well-position your business for success.

  • FOCUSED SKILLS: The second reason is based on the actual function of a radar, which is a radio detection and ranging system used in detecting the presence, direction, distance, and speed of objects. It's quite a fitting way to describe the type of services we provide: 

    • We equip small business owners with digital marketing strategies that asserts a strong presence and commands attention. 

    • We provide actionable solutions and measurable results to guide your business in the right direction.  

    • We have a breadth of expertise that spans from over a decade of success from an agency and corporate perspectives.

    • We work with nimble agility to deliver strategic and tactical recommendations that make an immediate impact on your business.  

    UNIQUE VALUE: The third reason is based on the fact that we find it "rad" that Radar is a palindromic word, meaning the characters read the same backward as forward. There are not that many palindromic words out there, so it makes it quite a unique word.

    • Similarly, Radar Strategy Group will position itself as a unique digital marketing company that provides all the valuable benefits and services a business owner can expect from having an in-house marketing team at a large company or premium services from a boutique marketing agency but at a fraction of the cost.

We have the expertise and services to support your mission. So you can focus more on the vision of your business.