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Follow Your 6 Senses To Social Media Success

By Totran Radke | Business 2 Community

Enhance your social media strategy in 2019 by using your six senses to become an authentic brand that is unique and impossible to replicate.

3 Ways to Ensure Your Business Card Stands Out

By Totran Radke | Business 2 Community

Here are 3 marketing best practices to consider when creating business cards.

10 Tips on Training More Effectively 

By Totran Radke | Business 2 Community

10 tips on how to plan and conduct an effective training so that you only have to do it once.

4 Ways to Ensure a Successful Email Marketing Program 

By Totran Radke | Originally published on Communications Professionals 

How to strategically position your email marketing program for success and recommendations that help move your business forward.


15 Signs You Work In Marketing 

By Totran Radke | Buzzfeed

A light-hearted and fun article about working in Marketing. It’s a tough but fun job and somebody’s gotta do it!


What the World’s Most Valuable Brands are Really Trying to Sell 

By Totran Radke | Medium

The world’s most powerful brands are not really in the business of selling you their products or services. Rather, these brands are selling something more intangible. 


The Triple Threat: Millennial, Mom, and Marketer

By Totran Radke | Business to Community

Here’s how to ensure that your marketing messages and customer service efforts will resonate with the Millennial, Mom, and Marketer demographic and will retain them as loyal customers.


The 5 W's of Professional Development for the Busy Marketer

Speaker Totran Radke | IBM Amplify - The Future of Customer Engagement Now

Totran Radke presented at an IBM conference on how an investment in your own professional development is crucial to your career growth, and can help demonstrate your expertise and establish value to your company.


The Valentine’s Day Shift: How To Make A Love Connection With Your Consumers

Featuring Totran Radke | Marketing Land

Totran Radke's quote was featured in this article where she was asked to discuss Valentine's Day best practices and how marketers can prep for shifts in customers, products, and dates.


Teleflora Drives Business for Network of 33,000 Florists with IBM Commerce 

Featuring Totran Radke | IBM 

Totran Radke was interviewed for this press release. The article highlights how Teleflora uses IBM Commerce's technology to develop sophisticated digital marketing programs and to create meaningful experiences for its customers. 


IBM Commerce Teams With Teleflora on Personalized Marketing | eWeek

Totran Radke was quoted in this article.


IBM has got flowers in its hair | TechEye

Totran Radke was quoted in this article.


Teleflora and IBM Commerce offer customers a personal touch 

Featuring Totran Radke | Insights Magazine

Totran Radke was quoted in this article.


IBM Amplify: Three Brands Highlight Personalized Digital Marketing 

Featuring Totran Radke |  Brandchannel

Totran Radke was quoted in this article.


What Have You Learned From Working in Retail? 

Featuring Totran Radke |  National Retail Federation

Totran Radke's quote was featured in this article. The NRF asked retail executives, entrepreneurs and employees what they’ve gleaned from their careers in retail. 


What you & McDonald’s have in common – brand experience 

Featuring Totran Radke | Stibleman.com

Totran Radke's article, "What the World’s Most Valuable Brands are Really Trying to Sell" was referenced in a blog post by Shay Stibleman, a social media marketing consultant.


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